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Anyone can listen, but not everyone can understand, let alone deliver…

At London Phoenix Security, we pride ourselves of all three every single time. London Phoenix Security Ltd is a fast growing, dynamic and independently owned Events Security Management Company in the UK, providing an extensive range of innovative and quality Security services to the corporate and entertainment industries with a broad and diverse range of Clientele in the UK.

Our team has boots on the ground as build up for @ideal_home_show at @olympialondon begins

Open to the public Friday 11th March, the last day is on Monday 28th.
We're growing!! 
Do you want to be part of the team?
We're recruiting now for upcoming events at well known venues and festivals across London and the South of England.

Get in contact with us for an immediate start!!

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Vitaliy has been a lifeline of support in Central #Kyiv to those that desperately need it. 
He and his friends have been collecting monetary and vitally needed supplies and delivering them around the city to where it's needed.
Unfortunately, Vitaliys home town within Kyiv has come under attack and it's no longer safe for him to stay, so o he and his family are, like so many others, are having to evacuate.
During this time he is still raising funds and helping support Kyiv by way of the remaining friends that are supporting him.

We will stay in contact as much as possible and hope to hear soon that he  has reached a place of safety.


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❤️🇺🇦Slava Ukraini🇺🇦❤️

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Vitaliy and his friends live in Central Kyiv.
They've been gathering funds to procure items that are vitally needed on the ground.
After we sent some money over, Vitaly and friends where able to purchase some much needed products and equipment needed for a premature baby born 24th Feb and keep them stocked for a good while.
They were also able to purchase some much needed medication and supplies for the elders within their community who are receiving minimal support due to the ongoing conflict.

We've stayed up through the night, watching the live feeds from cameras around the Ukraine, listening to the air raid sirens alerting to incoming attacks and checking in with a few people we've made contact with throughout this ordeal, in Kharkiv, Kyiv and beyond.

We pray that this ends as soon as possible so the much needed support and aid can get in to where it is needed.
Minus 2 degrees???

Nah, not here. nice and toasty 🌡️🌡️
Brand licensing 2021 @excellondon 

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Team work makes the dream work!!!

And what a team 👊👊
Off to bonny Scotland 

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Hope you enjoyed the Festival
Same time next year??

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#pubinthepark St Alban's

On the hunt for a 99 🍦🍦
Proud of our team down at CarFest 2021 down in Winchester
Managing and keeping safe a crowd of 25,000+
Long shift, cold nights but what an experience.

Well done to all our staff who've dug deep and given it their all 👊

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Not very often we find someone taller than the boss!
Manned guarding for Nacropolis Grouo
London Phoenix Finest